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Review of erotic webcam service StripChat

In November 2001, a Hungarian businessman created StripChat, which over the next 17 years grew into the internet giant StripChat. StripChat has been on the short list of the industry’s largest adalt award “XBIZ Award” and since 2010 StripChat has been consistently ranked in one or another category in various landmark industry rankings.

Today, experts are naming the top three players in adalt online streaming services:, Chaturbate, and BongaCams.

LJ is the most popular of them all. In 2014, the service launched its own TV-channel, giving its female employees a chance to be known around the world not only in the format of erotic streaming.

Today StripChat leads the way in model earnings.

Who’s a StripChat for

StripChat offers rooms for anyone, even the most demanding fetishist. StripChat welcomes adults of all genders and identities.

All girls who want to create their own broadcast are presented in the following categories:

  • Celebrity (Non nude) – Here you can make interesting acquaintances, talk about hobbies, read the tarot, but under no circumstances talk about sex and do not undress;
  • Hot flirt – Dirty talk, hot dancing, and teasing communication for those who like to flirt;
  • Girl – Girl who likes really hot entertainment. In this block, memebers expect not only striptease, but also a depraved show, perhaps with the use of erotic accessories;
  • Mature – Section of beautiful ladies, over 35 years old;
  • Lesbians – Lesbians and girlfriends entertaining guests online;
  • Fetish – A strict category, where lovers of BDSM, role-playing and various fetishes gather;
  • Couple – For couples.

There are separate sections for boys, trannies and streamers with more than 2 people.

Additionally, any streamer on LJ can add hashtags describing preferences and fetishes to their description. The memeber searches the online service by section, price, and hashtag tabs.

In addition, any streamer can add a hashtag describing his or her preferences and fetishes.

It’s easy to see that with this variety of frames, LJ can afford most of the world’s adalt traffic. The online media outlet claims that anyone can become a star of erotic shows at their place and earn from $1500 a period, working no more than 25 hours a week.

Technical Requirements

As a top portal, StripChat has very strict requirements for its models, the quality of their broadcasts, and the design of their jobs. Many girls finish working with the site without starting because after a couple of days of starting their career, the administrator comes to them and demands to change the interior of the room. In the FAQ for the new models specifically says that the administration wants to see a beauty in lingerie, among the glamorous interiors. By “glamour” we mean pictures, a big bed, candles and flowers on the nightstands.

There’s a lot of stories on the professional forums where the actress spent hours talking to customer service and rearranging these very vases of flowers to fit the high standards of service instead of the show.

For the chathosts (as professionals call the performers) in the category “fetish” also have their own requirements: black, red, red-black design of the workplace, allowed the background in the form of a brick wall. It is obligatory for the viewer to see the stream accessories: a collection of shoes, halters, ropes and other things to satisfy his fetish.

The viewer must see the stream accessories: a collection of shoes, halters, ropes and other things to satisfy his fetish.

The project has its own software through which they broadcast. In addition, it is possible to broadcast through a browser. A good Internet connection can transmit a high-quality picture – High-Definition. Streamers who broadcast in this mode, get the “HD” label on their profile’s cover in the search results list, and get more attention from people.

Work with the site

On StripChat, you can choose your own price category. The minimum price tag per minute is $1.99, and the maximum is $3.99. The performer gets 30% of that amount. It’s possible to increase the % by attracting referrals, increasing your rating, the amount you earn and getting into the TOP-100.

All newcomers pass through promo-period. You have to do 12 hours of free work or 4 hours and 30 minutes in private at the minimum price. This fact should not scare you, with the traffic that goes to the room during the “promo” you can easily earn $100 and even more! After that, the actress gets access to all the features.

On LJ, broadcasting takes place in “free chat – private chat” mode. The model chats in free chat mode with users, discusses one-on-one broadcasts with them, and entices them into her private chat. It is forbidden to undress and show an erotic show in the freeshow. Light striptease, a sexy voice, and talking about erotic topics are the best helpers in attracting men.

In a freeshow, you’re not allowed to be naked.

In chat mode the girl is seen not only by authorized and solvent viewers, but also by random “guests”.

For your own security, we recommend using the country block option.

You can tell the solvency of your members by the color of their nickname; the gray and plain ones are the viewers who haven’t refilled their accounts, and the pink ones are the VIPs who can promote your stream to the TOP.

One of the main competitive advantages of LJ: the availability of chat only with memebers and member chat, where you can leave if you need to drink water or start a private on another resource. This mode allows for “peeping” any user with credits can peek in and see what’s hiding behind the curtain.

There are also sneak peeks in private mode, when fans stop by to see what’s going on during a one-on-one broadcast.

The Another unique LJ option is to host 2 accounts in different categories. The resource’s native software supports “multilogin” capability. Any chathost can open 2 rooms and work in both of them in parallel while still following category rules.

On the service you pay 2 times a month, according to payment periods. The periods are: 1-15 and 16-30/31 of each month. Payment for the first period is transferred on the 10th of the next month and for the second – on the 25th. For solo models on the portal there is a minimum payment of $100.

All performers at LoveMeUnlimited4Life have a unique opportunity to receive their earnings without waiting for the minimum check to be paid. Any amount you earn will be credited to your account in the WCC service after 31 days at the closing of the period on the site. In addition, you can order urgent withdrawal and not wait 2.5 weeks for the arrival of the honestly earned money. No fee for regular StripChat cheque crediting to WCC banking. Exception: urgent crediting is charged at standard rates.

An added bonus exclusively for WCC girls: ongoing contests described on our blog! rules for models

In addition to the requirements for the technical characteristics of the webcast and the interiors of the space, StripChat has adopted quite a few different rules for female workers. Failure to comply with these rules is punishable by exclusion from the rating, a ban for a few days, and even the termination of the partnership with the actress.
Carefully study all the rules before you start the broadcasts. If something happens in the chat that confuses you and leaves questions: take a screenshot and write to technical support.

The “free chat” is not allowed:

  • Nudity (full or partial), even “tips for tits” as many users ask, is a violation;
  • Openly sexual behavior – you can not tell how and in what poses you would like, being alone with the interlocutor;
  • You can’t be distracted by snacks and smartphones, but you can in private.

Basic rules for working with the site:

  • The account must belong only to the performer working in front of the camera;
  • Third parties should not appear in the frame. All streamers must be over 18 years old;
  • The model (all participants if it is a couple or a group) cannot leave the camera during the online broadcast. Even if they are in the memeber chat;
  • Exchanging contacts, social networks or profiles on third-party services is prohibited;
  • One chathost can work on a maximum of 2 accounts;
  • The actress must always reply to the administrator of the portal, who has started the “Admin chat”, who came to the chat. If you ignore the admin’s messages, the room will be suspended until the dialogue resumes;
  • Cheating on the gender of the performer is unacceptable.

Violation of any of these rules leads to sanctions from the resource.

The administration of StripChat, at the conclusion of partnerships, separately prescribes that for such violations as:

  • Unauthorized use of the account by a third party;
  • Providing fake, photoshopped identity documents;
  • Broadcasting a previously recorded show.

The offending account will be banned and the expected payment will be withheld.

Sign Up

To register on the site you’ll need: a scan of your passport, a photo of your passport in your hand next to your face and a photo of your face without makeup “as on the passport. Actresses from Ukraine can only use a foreign passport, a driver’s license or a new-style passport (ID).

Documents are considered in 1-3 days. After registering, you need to upload photo and video content to your account to increase traffic and fill out a description.


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