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Cunt Empire – is a browser game that is designed for an adult audience and has an age restriction. The player will have to create his own porn business from the very beginning and promote it.

The game is a “clicker”. When playing from the computer, all actions are controlled with the computer mouse. For mobile devices there is a touch mode.

The main character is faced with the task of building his business in the porn industry from scratch. To increase the income and reputation of the establishment, it will be necessary to perform various tasks and invite famous models to work.

At the end of each level, the player expects a nice bonus in the form of real videos with famous porn actresses.

Game plot

Our protagonist has long dreamed of opening his own business in the business of making films for audiences 18+. He’s tried it before, but has failed every time and continues to live in poverty.

One day he heard a rumor that in order to fulfill his dream, he needed to round up corrupt girls from all over the city. He doesn’t have to put much effort into it, because if you offer good pay, the girls are more than willing to take the job.


Play opportunities

The game is an economic simulation from the beginning. The player becomes the owner of several rooms in which hired porn models provide intimate services to their clients through a camera. Each girl is «pumped up» in her own way, and has her own special skills. To increase the income from this business, the rooms have toys and various inventory.

The game is divided into episodes. Each one has different tasks. Each episode – is a re-started past day of the protagonist, who has to live it from the beginning. His business also disappears, leaving only the girls discovered in the course of the game. A new level gives access to other rooms, girls, quests and videos.

To earn money faster, you have to click on porn stars more often, and the higher the level, the more clicks you have to make. For those who still need a “live” mouse there are programs autoclickers, which create an imitation of the computer mouse and click where the user indicated. The more often the player will click on the models, the faster he can pass episodes and discover new girls. You can set the auto clicker so that the click was only on one girl, or on all at short intervals. As a result, the player can simply enjoy the game and the actual 18+ videos at the end of each level passed.

Game Features

  • Invite incredibly beautiful porn models to work for you;
  • Expand and promote your business;
  • Make informed choices because your industry’s success is on the line;
  • Get a high from the rich and graphic and adult videos with real porn actresses.

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